Seasons & Species

May 15 – June 15 Spring King Salmon, Lake Trout, Steelhead. Further offshore but some of the fastest fishing of the year. Spring bite is red hot as salmon start to migrate north following baitfish and cold water.

June 15 – July 15 Red Hot Steelhead and Lake Trout action with mixed King Salmon. As the water warms up, silver rocket metal head’s head nearshore in droves for their summer spawning runs. Steelhead are the tuna of the Great Lakes as┬átable fare and fighting quality.

July 15 – August 15 Mix bag Lake Trout, Steelhead and King Salmon start appearing, moving towards spawning rivers.

August 15 – September 15 King Salmon prime time as salmon move in on their spawning rivers.

September 15 – October 15 Best Offshore Steelhead fishing of the year! Silver Bullet steelhead up to 15lbs, mixed with Lake Trout and juvenile Salmon.