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Holland Michigan is one of the premier fishing charter ports on Lake Michigan for Salmon and Trout. Each year, chinook (King) and Coho Salmon congregate in waters near Holland, allowing for recreational fishermen and charter anglers alike to enjoy successful outings.

Holland has unique features to it’s shoreline and lake bottom that attract multiple species of sportfish throughout the year.   Along with Salmon….Lake Trout, Steelhead and Yellow Perch are abundant gamefish species targeted on our fishing charters.

In addition to these unique structure features, nearby rivers are a magnet for gamefish species returning to their spawning streams, providing a constant source of nutrients to baitfish and gamefish alike.

The Best Times to book a Salmon Fishing Charter in Holland

Holland is a port which is located on the southern half of Lake Michigan. Because of this location and seasonal weather, the water temperature changes and salmon migrations occur immediately in the spring. April and May can experience fantastic Brown Trout, Lake Trout, Coho Salmon and King Salmon fishing.   A fishing charter in the spring off Holland will be one of the best opportunities to score fast limits of fish.    The summer months into early August are tranquil weather and provide great mixed species fishing off Holland.  Catches of Steelhead, King Salmon, Lake Trout and Coho Salmon are typical.

Booking a salmon fishing charter in Holland

Because the prime time salmon fishing season in Holland is really during the second half of the month of August, there is a premium on availability during that time frame. It is best to schedule and book your Holland Fishing Charter well in advance, usually in early spring. Most Holland salmon fishing charter boats are booked solid during August, once August rolls around.

So book your Holland salmon fishing charter early to assure yourself a shot at this world class experience!